Monday, January 7, 2008

Activity on Rabaul

Rabaul Volcano on the island of New Britain released a plume of smoke on October 2, 2007. Rabaul is a pyroclastic shield volcano. Shield volcanoes resemble ancient warrior shields, thanks to their low, broad shape. The volcano’s explosive 1994 eruption, occurring at the same time as eruptions of two neighboring volcanoes, forced the temporary evacuation of Rabaul City.

This would a big effect on the people because when they are forced to evacuate there homes they don't know how long they will be going for or what they will be coming back to

Tropical Cyclone Daman

Tropical Cyclone Daman was powering up as it moved southeast towards the Fiji Islands on December 7, 2007. Daman has a clear, well-defined eye through which the dark blue ocean is visible looking down through the eye of Daman. A faint circular shadow surrounds the eye where the towering clouds of the powerful thunderstorms that make up the eyewall cast shadows on the surrounding clouds.

The area effected would be the response of the goverment because this would be something that they can use for research to find out how to defend against them more easily so the casuality will be decreased immensley

Flooding and Landslides in Indonesia

Persistent heavy rains led to flooding and landslides throughout Indonesia in late December 2007 and early January 2008, resulting in numerous fatalities and crop losses. There area’s normal rainy season, which lasts from December through February, appears to have been intensified by two factors. The first is an ongoing La Niña, the counterpart to El Niño. La Niña brings stronger-than-normal easterly trade winds to the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, and these winds cause warm, rain-enhancing waters to pile up in the western Pacific around Indonesia. The other factor that contributed to the unusually heavy rains is a weather phenomenon called the Madden-Julian Oscillation.

The impact on technology should be effected because they should be able to tell when a front is coming in so that people are able to evacuate

Kangaroo Island Bushfires

December 2007, parts of South Australia’s Kangaroo Island were left in cinders, thanks to wildfires earlier that month. Fires were already raging on December 8,and continued burning for Several Days.The hardest-hit areas included Flinders Chase National Park and Ravine des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area in the west and Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park in the southeast.

Tropical Cyclone Melanie

Tropical Cyclone Melanie had an impressive appearance on December 30, 2007, as the storm swirled off the coast of Western Australia. Fortunately, the storm, which had sustained winds of 125 kilometers per hour, did not come ashore, and it brought only moderate storm conditions to the sparsely populated coast.

that could of been very dangerous to humans and living things

Pacific Northwest Floods

Nearly a week after a powerful storm dumped heavy rain over Washington and Oregon, the region’s rivers still ran high and thick with muddy run-off. Evidence of the floods can be seen in the murky color of the rivers. The storm caused floods and mudslides that closed roads, including Interstate 5, which connects Seattle and Portland, and cut off communities.

the big impact would have to be on people because with the major roads closed people arn't able get to there jobs including if you commute betweed seatle and portland

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jebel At Tair Eruption

Jebel at Tair, a volcanic island in the Red Sea, erupted at the end of September 2007. The eruption released lava and ash, and created a spectacular light show, according to observers in the area. Jebel at Tair is a stratovolcano—a cone composed of alternating layers of ash, lava, and rocks from earlier eruptions. The latest eruption is a continuation of activity on this island, where explosive eruptions were recorded in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.